• Black pepper 1.0 g
  • Olive Oil 20.0 ml
  1. Cooking

    • Dice or finely ground fats.
    • Marinate ground beef with fat, Knorr Oyster Sauce, Knorr Chicken Powder, pepper, sugar and chopped garlic.
    • Rinse couscous rice and steam with butter, Knorr Chicken Powder and bay leaf for 15-20 mins, then let it cool.
    • Dice bell peppers and finely chop parsley.
  2. Perform

    • Roll beef into round shape and grilled.
    • Mix couscous rice with Dalat peppers, parsley, pepper and olives oil.
  3. Serve

    • Present couscous rice and grilled beef on plate. Decorated with salads.