Making Lemongrass ice tea

  • Honey 40.0 g
  • Lemongrass, medium-sized 1.0 pc
  • Hot Water 160.0 ml
  • Ice cubes 1.0 cup
  • Lipton Yellow Label Tea envelope 100X2g 1.0 bag
  1. Making Lemongrass ice tea

    • Mash and boil the lemongrass for 3 minutes.
    • Drain the lemongrass water into a big glass and put Lipton Yellow Label into it for about 4 to 5 minutes. Then, take out the tea bag. Do this step when the lemongrass water is in high temperature.
    • Add the honey and stir it well.
    • Prepare some serving glasses. Add the ice cubes into the glasses. Next, pour the mixed tea with lemongrass into the glasses.