Tapioca preparation

  • Tapioca 200.0 g
  • Sticky rice flour 30.0 g
  • Water 300.0 ml

Stuffing preparation

  1. Tapioca preparation

    • Prepare the tapioca by soaking the tapioca in hot water for 30 mins, combined with sticky rice flour and mix them together. Covered with a wet cloth.
  2. Stuffing preparation

    • Heat non-stick pan. Add oil, garlics, coriander roots, white pepper ground and stir fry until garlic is cooked and fragrance. Add minced pork and continue to stir fry.
    • When the pork is cooked, add turnip, sugar, palm sugar and Knorr Pork Broth Base. Keep stir frying until the sugar has dissolved. Then combined the Knorr Cornstarch with water and add to the stuffing pan. Continue to cook till it is dry and sticky enough. Set aside.
    • Wet fingers and shape tapioca into ball size. Expand to put the stuffing in the middle and shape it into bite size dumpling.
    • Bring the raw tapioca dumpling to steam for 15 mins or until its cooked. Take out and brush the dumpling with garlic oil.
  3. Serve

    • Serve the pork tapioca dumpling with salad leaves, coriander leaves, chillies, and garnished with fried garlic.