Advanced Preparation

Brown Sauce


  • Lettuce 50.0 g
  • Tomatoes 30.0 g
  • Pepper 1.0 g
  • Soy sauce 50.0 ml
  • Coriander 20.0 g
  1. Advanced Preparation

    • Marinate beef with KNORR Chicken Powder, KNORR Oyster Sauce, pepper in about 15 minutes.
  2. Brown Sauce

    • Fry onions, green peppers, red and potatoes.
    • Mix Knorr Demi Glace.
    • Heat oil pan in medium heat and chill, stir-fry beef, chili, then stir fry garlic and onion, then add Demi Glace Brown Sauce KNORR and shake pan with high fire.
  3. Serving

    • Place the tomatoes and beef, lettuce on plate, decorated with coriander, dipping with soy sauce, or pepper.