Step 1: Preparation

  • Lipton Tea Potbag 10x12g 1.0 bag
  • Hot Water 500.0 ml

Step 2: Making

  1. Step 1: Preparation

    15 minutes
    • Tea base: Brew 1 tea bag (12g) in 500ml hot water in 15 min, then take tea bag out of liquid
  2. Step 2: Making

    2 minutes
    • Mix 60ml tea base, 40ml water, 6g sugar, 1g Knorr lime powder, well stirring. Then add 30ml lychee syrup, 20ml lychee liquid
    • Fill with ice, lychee slides and serve
    • With that preparation, we are able to serve 8 glasses of lychee tea (glass of 200ml)