Free sample

  1. Offer open to Vietnam food business entrepreneur, caterers and chef.
  2. This activation is valid for Vietnam citizens and expatriates workers who have valid identification and permission reside in the territory of the Vietnam.
  3. Samples will be delivered to Vietnam addresses only.
  4. One sample per person and per IP address.
  5. The number of distributed product samples are limited for each activation. Offer expires once sample limit exceeded or once reaching the end of free sample activity period.
  6. Fill in the sample application form to request a sample and submit your details, duplicate or incomplete addresses will not be accommodated.
  7. Unilever Food Solutions will do verification on operating hours (time) and only valid food business will receive the free sample.
  8. Sample will be distributed within 60 days after the verification process has taken place.
  9. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify application and sample request who do not meet any or all the terms and conditions of this activation.
  10. By participating in this promotion & activation, you give <entity, eg. Unilever Vietnam International Co. Ltd> the permission to use (including to publish) the data you have submitted for other purposes for an unlimited time.
  11. <Entity, eg. Unilever Vietnam International Co. Ltd> is not responsible in the case of any error/omission beyond the control of Unilever Vietnam, such as in the event of signal interference and damaged or delayed application due to network system failures and the malfunction of related providers, any error/omission in delivery by third-party services, participant errors in providing information, and any other errors/omissions.
  12. Employees of <entity, eg. Unilever Vietnam International Co. Ltd>, its advertising agencies, suppliers, agencies, and third parties involved in this event in any form, are not eligible for this promotion and activation.
  13. <Entity, eg. PUnilever Vietnam International Co. Ltd> reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion and activation without notice.
  14. All disputes related to this promotion and activities will be settled amicably.
  15. If by any reason the product sample does not proceed as planned, <entity, eg. Unilever Vietnam International Co. Ltd> reserves the right to substitute the product for an item of similar value.
  16. This promotion and activation is free of charge. Taxes and sample delivery will be paid by <entity, eg. Unilever Vietnam International Co. Ltd>. Beware of fraud. For more information, please contact: