Advanced Preparation



  • Garlic Chives 10.0 g
  1. Advanced Preparation

    • Mix 200ml water with 4gr Knorr Chicken Broth Base for 200ml Chicken Broth.
    • Marinate ramen with 200ml chicken broth, 10gr sesame oil and 10gr Knorr Chicken Powder.
    • Mix 300 ml water with 20 gr Knorr Corn Starch.
    • Boiling the shrimp shell with 1 liter water, then remove the shell.
    • Deep fry the tofu skin.
  2. Soup

    • Pour the pumpkin puree, shrimp shell broth into the pot and low cook, seasoning with Knorr Chicken Powder.
    • Pour corn starch with water into the pot.
  3. Serving

    • Devide ramen into smaller parts, wrap them with fried tofu skin and tighten with garlic chives.
    • Serve the ramen bag on plate and pour the soup around.