1. Cooking

    1. Prawns

    • Clean and devein the prawns by cutting the middle of the shells and removing the veins with a stick. Rinse and pat dry.
    • In a mixing bowl, beat the egg till to smooth and mix the prawn together. Coat the prawn with Knorr Conrnstarch and deep fry the prawn till to golden brown.

    2. Salted Egg Sauce

    • Heat up wok to medium heat, add in Margarine, stir fry curry leaf and dry chili till to fragrant.
    • Add in Golden Salted Egg Powder and stir fry and add in Knorr Chicken Powder to more fragrant.

    3. Serving

    • Add in fried prawns into the sauce, bring to medium heat and toss the prawns till they are evenly coated.
    • Serve in the dish. Hot serving